Introducing the 2021 New Zealand Photography Show Speaker Line-Up!


In a past life, Mike was one of New Zealand’s most well known entertainers, but that role has changed dramatically since the conception of the radio show The Nutters Club in 2009. The show evolved from Mike’s own experience of mental illness and addiction, and has become a huge success with it now airing Sunday evenings on Newstalk ZB.

These days, Mike is better known for his work as a prominent mental health educator and Ambassador for both I Am Hope and the Key to Life Charitable Trust. He uses an unorthodox approach when talking to youth and wider communities, sharing his struggles with his inner critic and allowing people to recognise that everyone has problems and it’s ok to ask for help.

For his contributions to mental health in New Zealand, Mike was named New Zealander of the Year 2019 by Kiwibank.








Any creative that is craving to express through illustrative and creative storytelling will not want to miss Richard. Richard shows how to tap into the story that is inside of you, and to bring your vision to life.


As well as a working photographer and NZIPP Board Member, Richard operates as an educator and mentor to thousands around the world. The development of his two online courses in L.A with The Portrait Masters and his Grand Award at WPPI in Las Vegas, brought the attention of an international audience. Alongside his online education courses and traveling workshops who professional photographers have joined to love, share and learn creative portraiture. As well as a long-time judge of the NZIPP Iris Awards, Richard is also Head Judge and Awards Director of The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation based out of Phoenix, Arizona. From this platform, Richard is often working alongside photographers around the world to support and guide them towards the next benchmarks in their accolades. As well as WPPI Grand Awards winner, he is also NZIPP Grand Master with two bars and three time recipient of the New Zealand Photographer of the Year Award.


Jose G. Cano was born on the coast of Spain in 1961. After studying commerce and working in fashion & retail for several years, he grew disillusioned with his participation in the consumerism of the 90’s.

He has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and parts of Africa, which put him in direct contact with the social reality of the less developed world.  After living in a sailing boat for a few years, he arrived to Thailand by chance where he started volunteering with Child Watch, a local organisation dealing with the darker side of the tourism industry.  Two years later he founded the Life Home Project with a group of volunteers, working to create safe shelters for women and children living with HIV/Aids, fighting discrimination, stigma and the lack of health resources.  The organization is still active today, providing support and education.  During his time in Thailand Jose was appointed Honorary Consul of Spain in Phuket, receiving the Officer’s Cross medal from the Order of Isabella the Catholic for his role evacuating the Spanish nationals during the Yellow Shirts turmoils and service to the local community.

He moved to Nelson, New Zealand in 2009 with his wife and daughter, and settled in Nelson with his family, and as a hobby, he is an underwater photographer, specialized in Underwater Fine Art.

He is the director of the Ocean Stories Charitable Trust, and the Earth Hub. He has been trained in Climate Change action by the Al Gore organization Climate Reality in Berlin 2018.

Currently Jose is working on the publication of his underwater photography book “ Aqua Ingravitas” and collaborating with several non profit organizations to spread awareness on the need to act to protect the Earth we share from climate change and over exploitation.


In my previous career as a family lawyer, I saw first hand how miscommunication ripped entire families apart. Wanting to help put an end to that suffering, I set out to learn and teach effective communication.


I’m now a recognized people expert who speaks professionally (live & virtually) at conferences, facilitating engaging training sessions, mentoring & coaching individuals, teams, organizations, not for profits, families & couples.


It is my life long passion to break down barriers, unite people and help them live happier and more fulfilled lives.


Katherine is an award-winning portrait and wedding photographer who specialises in capturing the spirit and personality of her clients. Whether it’s a dramatic scene or an emotional moment, she creates photographs that draw the eye making creative work that is both striking and thoughtful. She is the co-owner of Christchurch-based studio Tandem Photography, and also works on her passion projects for her personal work. Her current key personal project is Being Human at 100. Alongside this, she’s always on the lookout for projects, collaborations, and commercial work with companies and individuals looking to invest in telling a story with heart.

“Katherine’s Images reflect a humility, around capturing the human spirit and are only possible through an understanding and connection made between photographer and the subject founded on empathy, heart and soul” – (Judges comments from her 2019 winning portfolio for NZ Professional Photographer of the Year)


Outside of professional photography, Katherine chases after her two gorgeous daughters and is serial hostess, enjoying great friends, food, and yes some Pinot Noir.


A professional diplomat by training, Bea has been successfully branding and promoting a country at top level on the international scene before going digital and establishing her Social Media Coaching, B!Social.


Today, as a digital diplomat, she helps businesses raise their profile, share their stories & promote their brand through Social Media.


Having worked at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, as well as with marketing giant L’Oréal prior to moving to New Zealand, she brings a wide variety of skills, a strategic thinking and an eye for creativity & tech to the digital sphere.


With 15 years of experience in communication, content creation and international events, she is now on a mission to share her passion for all things social and help her clients build a strong social media presence with confidence.


Originally from Hungary, Bea moved with her family to New Zealand after spending her

holidays here and falling in love with this beautiful country. She loves the beach and

orange sunsets! 🙂


Voted Finalist by the Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia as Best Social Media

Educator for Australia and New Zealand 2019 & 2020


I have been a photographer since 1970, and solely a landscape photographer for the past thirty years. Over that period I have been awarded, Member- New Zealand Order of Merit, Honorary Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography and Bar, Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and have been involved with or have had published 27 landscape books.


Landscape photography has always been my passion and has given me the financial freedom to explore the natural world. Apart from making a living from it, landscape photography allows me to bring to the attention of New Zealand and the world what I have found important and meaningful during my photographic career. It may even in some small way, influence others to look around them and appreciate more the natural beauty surrounding us that is often ignored and is being slowly but steadily eroded by a general complacency and land development.


My technique is to isolate from the scenery in front of me, the defining elements that originally attracted my eye. This I feel, is the essence of image making of any kind, the ability to isolate and record a simple, graphic and emotional response to what at times, is a jumble of visual confusion.


Camera Gear

Phase One IQ180 and Canon EOS 5Dsr


Johl has successfully operated both wedding and portrait photography studios for over 18yrs and has now turned his hand to helping other photographers grow their passion into a fulfilling & thriving business.


Now a full-time mindset and business coach Johl helps ambitious photographers build highly profitable businesses by creating a sales & marketing engine as well as completely rewiring their subconscious programming & limiting beliefs. It is a process that is designed in a particular order to slowly move his clients through changing habits, routines & thought patterns so new opportunities & ideas surface and their businesses start to thrive. It’s a holistic approach that reduces stress, achieves balance, enhances fulfillment & brings about wild business success.


Fiona has been in the professional photography game since 2008. Having travelled extensively through NZ and beyond for many a moon capturing a few million couples on their wedding day and the occasional cook book here and there.


Her love of photography and the connections that are created is why she is still passionate about shooting and hopefully will continue to be so for a few more moons yet.


Julian is a Queenstown, New Zealand based photographer who has a drive to bring authenticity and creativity to the advertising world. 


He captures raw, authentic moments to tell a story. 


An avid outdoorsman, having worked in extreme locations, agriculture, adventure sports and extremely demanding conditions, Julian’s extensive knowledge of the many aspects of these trades has allowed him to help show the client’s stories and products in the most creative and engaging ways. 


Directing commercials or shooting brand campaigns,  Julian’s small town hard working ethic is evident in the effort he puts into getting images.


Globally renowned,  Julian has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands and agencies.