Simon is Auckland Based and works in commercial and editorial photography. With over 40 years behind the camera shooting news around the world, Simon has now turned his lenses on to the local wildlife. His award winning, breathtaking bird photography is taking New Zealand by storm, and we look forward to hearing about his work at the New Zealand Photography Show this year.






Based in Salt Lake City, Utah,  Summer is commercial photographer who specializes in children, lifestyle, and portraiture. She has a real passion for capturing her own kids who you will often see in front of her camera but photographing  commercial campaigns for brands like Disney, Garmin, Pillsbury, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America pays the bills.


She’s been teaching a successful online workshop called the Magic of Light for the last 9 years at Illuminate Classes, an online photography school she founded and runs. She’s worked with brands like Adobe creating educational content for Lightroom and has been featured in many online publications and photography magazines, 


Summer is inspired by the quirky stuff kids do, weird and wonderful human connections, pretty light, and the great outdoors.As an intuitive mom of four children of her own, she’s a pro at walking into tough, high-pressure situations with less than cooperative kids and making her client’s vision come to life. In her free time, she seeks out every opportunity to hang outside in the sunshine, traveling, exploring and going on adventures with her husband and kids.






Tony is an NZIPP Grand Master of Photography, who has been working full time in the photography industry for 22 years. Living just on the outskirts of Christchurch, Tony’s business is very general with a strong commercial, wedding and event basis. His previous background was primary & secondary teaching, as well as having taught business for 10 years part -time on ARA Diploma of Photography course.

Tony has been a photographer now for 20+ years, and he has a lot to share with us about his time behind the camera. 





Brisbane theatre and performance photographer Kris Anderson has a knack for creating rich storytelling images. A long time performer and musician, Kris primarily photographs advertising and production images for theatre companies, as well as dance images and actor headshots.


Kris’ illustrative work taps in to dark, emotive themes of everyday life that resonate with everyone. His work has received many accolades in New Zealand, Australia and abroad. Kris loves to judge and educate photographers, and is a proud Eizo Ambassador.




Janyne Fletcher feels proud and privileged to have the backdrop of Central Otago for inspiration. Janyne has been photographing professionally since 2006 and specialises in high-quality fine art photography which she prints, frames, and sells from her Ranfurly workshop and gallery.  Janyne’s work is a creative and contemporary interpretation of the beautiful landscape that surrounds her and she captures its beauty to create unique pieces of art.  Framed by her artistic instincts, she constructs a canvas of moments and memories—evocative, reflective, compelling. It’s more than simply documenting what she sees. It’s a candid imprint of thoughts and feelings. 


Janyne has had a long connection with photography and she has been inspired to branch out from a traditional photography business to the area of creative fine art and landscape photography. Janyne established her gallery five years ago.  This is a working gallery and an approachable but professional space that reflects her relaxed approach to life and living in Central Otago.  Buying or not, Janyne likes to show customers artworks they might enjoy, creating the best possible experience and sharing the provenance of Central Otago.


Janyne was the winner of the 2019 NZIPP Landscape photographer of the Year, finalist  for 2019 NZ Photographer of the Year, winner 2019 APPA international Photographer of the Year, two time Otago/Southland Regional Photographer of the Year, seven time NZIPP Iris Awards category finalist and a Grand Master of the NZIPP.  In 2021 Janyne was the winner of the Creative Arts Category of the NZI NZ Rural Women Business Awards.

You can learn more about Janyne’s photography here:









London born & based in Sydney, Billy Plummer grew up in an eccentric family; his Grandfather was the UK’s first ever newspaper horseracing tipster, his Aunt the first non-French principal dancer at the Folies Bergère and his Uncle, a Dallas newspaper editor was 2 cars behind Kennedy in the Dallas motorcade.

Billy is a commercial photographer and director with a deliberately distinctive style. He believes there’s real magic to be found in the everyday and loves the challenge of revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Billy has shot everything from hill tribes and the homeless to Jean Claude Van Damme and Richard Branson. He’s won Photography Gold at the Midas Awards for World’s Best Financial & Marketing and Silver at AWARD for Best Campaign Photography. His personal work has been exhibited in Australia and Europe, including Honey & Dust at Northern Europe’s largest photographic festival, Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, Norway in 2013 and Reportage Without A Cause at Australia’s renowned documentary photography festival, Reportage, Sydney.

His background as an ad agency creative means he ‘gets’ concepts, knows how to articulate ideas and identify surprising aspects to bring a brief to life. 


Nicola Dove currently lives in her home country of New Zealand, after 16 years living in the UK. She’s a film stills photographer, taking pictures on movie sets that get used for marketing. Nicola has done some big films, but it wasn’t always that way. She started out shooting for free on short films and paid the bills by shooting weddings – great training for any photographer!

Nicola often gets asked how she got to be shooting big movies, and she usually say it’s a case of getting a good portfolio together and introducing yourself to people. But really, there’s more than that.

In her late twenties, Nicola was living in her small hometown in NZ doing a job she didn’t love and dreaming of being a photographer. She had studied photography but never followed it through.

One day Nicola suddenly lost all hearing in one ear. She had scans and they said it might be a brain tumor. Luckily it wasn’t, but the doctors couldn’t tell her why it had happened.

Nicola spent a month lying down while her body adjusted to the new reality, (it really affects your balance initially), and in that time she made a decision. She wasn’t going to live a safe life anymore. Nicola realized that at any moment your life can change. She left her lovely hometown with her camera, and left for the UK. She wanted to see what the world had in store for her. It turns out, eventually, it was the film industry.

Nicola is still deaf in one ear, and feels thankful every day for it. It continues to wake her up to the fact that life is for stepping outside your comfort zone and backing yourself, and she tries to live by it still.


Zhuo Ya’s passion for photography came to light when he was 16 years old and began experimenting with the process of developing photos in a dark room. It was at that moment that he discovered his passion for encapsulating real life in the art of film, a passion which only continued to grow as he did. 

Since that pivotal moment in Ya’s youth, he has been ardently working within the field. He began his professional career in photography in 2002. Ya then furthered his skill development by travelling around the world and learning from the best in that respected country.   

In 2016, he returned to New Zealand and established his art in Christchurch. His style has been described as emotional, whimsical and elegant. Ya adores painterly-feeling portraits, gorgeous rich tones and imagery that evokes deep emotions every time you look at his photos. Being true to his photography style, he focuses on capturing the interactions and emotions between the bride and groom, family and friends; this is where the magic is!

To Ya, wedding photography is a special relationship between the photographer and the couple; connecting on an emotional level is key to capture meaningful moments and creating beautiful portraits.