Introducing Richard Wood

Any creative that is craving to express through illustrative and creative storytelling will not want to miss Richard. Richard shows how to tap into the story that is inside of you, and to bring your vision to life.


As well as a working photographer and NZIPP Board Member, Richard operates as an educator and mentor to thousands around the world. The development of his two online courses in L.A with The Portrait Masters and his Grand Award at WPPI in Las Vegas, brought the attention of an international audience. Alongside his online education courses and traveling workshops who professional photographers have joined to love, share and learn creative portraiture. As well as a long-time judge of the NZIPP Iris Awards, Richard is also Head Judge and Awards Director of The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation based out of Phoenix, Arizona. From this platform, Richard is often working alongside photographers around the world to support and guide them towards the next benchmarks in their accolades. As well as WPPI Grand Awards winner, he is also NZIPP Grand Master with two bars and three time recipient of the New Zealand Photographer of the Year Award.