Introducing Jose G. Cano

Jose G. Cano was born on the coast of Spain in 1961. After studying commerce and working in fashion & retail for several years, he grew disillusioned with his participation in the consumerism of the 90’s.

He has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and parts of Africa, which put him in direct contact with the social reality of the less developed world.  After living in a sailing boat for a few years, he arrived to Thailand by chance where he started volunteering with Child Watch, a local organisation dealing with the darker side of the tourism industry.  Two years later he founded the Life Home Project with a group of volunteers, working to create safe shelters for women and children living with HIV/Aids, fighting discrimination, stigma and the lack of health resources.  The organization is still active today, providing support and education.  During his time in Thailand Jose was appointed Honorary Consul of Spain in Phuket, receiving the Officer’s Cross medal from the Order of Isabella the Catholic for his role evacuating the Spanish nationals during the Yellow Shirts turmoils and service to the local community.

He moved to Nelson, New Zealand in 2009 with his wife and daughter, and settled in Nelson with his family, and as a hobby, he is an underwater photographer, specialized in Underwater Fine Art.

He is the director of the Ocean Stories Charitable Trust, and the Earth Hub. He has been trained in Climate Change action by the Al Gore organization Climate Reality in Berlin 2018.

Currently Jose is working on the publication of his underwater photography book “ Aqua Ingravitas” and collaborating with several non profit organizations to spread awareness on the need to act to protect the Earth we share from climate change and over exploitation.