Introducing Andris Apse

I have been a photographer since 1970, and solely a landscape photographer for the past thirty years. Over that period I have been awarded, Member- New Zealand Order of Merit, Honorary Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography and Bar, Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and have been involved with or have had published 27 landscape books.


Landscape photography has always been my passion and has given me the financial freedom to explore the natural world. Apart from making a living from it, landscape photography allows me to bring to the attention of New Zealand and the world what I have found important and meaningful during my photographic career. It may even in some small way, influence others to look around them and appreciate more the natural beauty surrounding us that is often ignored and is being slowly but steadily eroded by a general complacency and land development.


My technique is to isolate from the scenery in front of me, the defining elements that originally attracted my eye. This I feel, is the essence of image making of any kind, the ability to isolate and record a simple, graphic and emotional response to what at times, is a jumble of visual confusion.


Camera Gear

Phase One IQ180 and Canon EOS 5Dsr