Join us in Nelson in August at the New Zealand Photography Show!



While our two-day conference offers you excellent value for money with a full schedule of speakers, supported by an amazing trade show – ticket holders can take advantage of the following:



We have a headshot booth! All conference attendees can come to the headshot booth which will be set up from 12pm, Monday 26th July until 12pm Friday 30th July, and get a free headshot image taken! You’ll be able to use your headshot image to promote yourself in your business!



We will soon be announcing our one-on-one review sessions – you’ll be able to book yourself a time to have a one-on-one review in business or photography (such as insurance, financial, accreditation, image critique) with one of our many reviewers. These sessions will be free to book, but only a limited number of spaces will be available for each review type so keep your eye on the website for the release of these sessions.



We have a number of really cool free to low-cost workshops which we’ll be running throughout the week. These will be really popular, and pricing will be heavily discounted or free for those who have a conference ticket.



We couldn’t run our event without our sponsors and the fantastic trade show they put on. This is an event in itself and one you want to really get on board with. The Trade Show will be open during the conference days, with trade specials, mini events and many exciting add-ons for conference attendees.





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“When I went to my first ever conference, I didn’t really know what it was but everyone was talking about it, and I didn’t want to miss out. I booked myself a ticket and headed off, into the unknown. I had lots of photography friends I’d met online but I hadn’t actually met any of them in person, so I was quite nervous about going.


I hadn’t really heard of any of the conference speakers, so I wasn’t sure I was going to get much from the conference, but it sounded like everyone had heaps of fun there so it was worth a go.


This is what I learnt from my first ever conference. You will be MIND BLOWN. You will learn something from EVERY SPEAKER, no matter how irrelevant their photography genre is to your work. YOU WILL BE INSPIRED and come home and try something new, and re-ignite your passion for photography if it is waning. And you will MAKE NEW FRIENDS like you’ve never made friends before.


The FOMO is very real with this event. NZIPP have a very unique community, who come together and build each other up like you have never experienced before. I could never miss this conference again – it’s the highlight of my year, and the best value-for-moeny I’ve ever experienced in my business.


If you’ve never been before, don’t worry, we will look after you. We have lots of social events, and you’ll be on our radar! We’ll introduce you to a few people and make sure you know exactly what is happening, and when. We want you to immerse yourself and enjoy every minute as much as we do.”

Sarah McGregor

Owner and Photographer at MINIME Photography




“The 2018 Iris awards and conference was the second time I’d attended and it blows me away how well organised it is, the board and volunteers do an amazing job and it runs like a well oiled machine. The conference is the favourite part for me and I am always truly inspired by the speakers, they all give
so much and there’s always something you can take away and put into practice. This year one speaker in particular inspired
me and I left enthused to start my own personal project.”

Myra Bayly, following the 2018 Conference

Owner and Photographer – Lutece Photography by Myra Bayly




“When I first went to conference three years ago, I went for the education; now I go for the education, the friendships, the connections, the hugs, dancing until late and the massive injection of inspiration and creativity. The speakers are always varied and this year was no exception, whether your business was in need of a push in the right direction, or you had the motivation but no direction, or you just wanted to hear some stories of photographers who took
their leap of faith, and made it.
Everybody involved had the best of time and we all left feeling encouraged and enlightened with a topped up tank of love and inspiration. A massive thank you to all the sponsors, events team, Honours Council and the Board that made it all possible.”

Emma McDonald

Owner and Photographer – Fotographicnz




“Be a sponge. Walk in, meet, smile and absorb. You might feel and have been told you have award looking images. Does that mean they are award WORTHY? … Enter and find out. A judge might be kind enough to point out as cute and lovely as your image is, here is something to keep in mind next time you are shooting in this environment. Will I ever let that technical flaw happen again, certainly not if I can help it, will I let it happen for the SOUL of my image – I would hope so. Would I jump up and down and say I deserve an award for it- hell no. I have learnt and grown and for this I am grateful. Be a sponge.
There are artists of every sort of genre here. When I go back to my work and give myself
a little squeeze I know some of that new knowledge will spill over into my work , and flow onto my clients. If you fill up a sponge it can sink, if you squeeze it a little it over flows. Let your new experiences flow over into your life and hopefully onto others – you can’t get THAT on the internet.”

Rochelle Withell

Owner and Photographer – Pure Images Photography