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Have you wanted to learn the art of ICM Photography? Join Simone Jackson as she takes you through the fundamentals of the photographic art of ICM, (Intentional Camera Movement) on this photowalk workshop. ICM Photography is a creative genre combining the art of intentionally moving the camera while mastering shutter speeds to get the desired effect. ICM can be utilized when capturing Landscapes, City scenes, Forests, Water, Plants, People, Animals. The sky is the limit to this artistic expression. Simone uses this method with many of her fine art photographic works. Simone will direct you through what works well, types of movement, camera settings, expressionistic images, combined with other elements like double exposures, to enable you to create your own photographic art. This will start with a presentation of the how to, examples of different looks, tips on how to edit your images, then a practical workshop where we will head to some locations to practice. Equipment needed - Please bring a camera (and lens/ lenses) that you can switch to manual mode, any filters that you have like a Polarizing filter, ND Filter or any filter that you would like to experiment with. Simone will also have some square glass filters that you can utilize if you do not have a filter to use.

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