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During this talk, it's time to go deep and ask yourself, "But why?" At the heart of honest photography is an understanding of ourselves. So we must ask ourselves why we do what we do in our photography and explore what compels us to certain people, places or stories. Through this self-questioning, we can unveil parts of ourselves we may have buried. Our life's work can become more profound when we choose to learn about ourselves. And Tony's life's work so far isn't just about the stories he tells through his photography. Gaining a depth of understanding of people is vital to his work, which sees his focus go narrow and deep into what is close to his heart. Tony's work has earned him countless national accolades, including seven New Zealand Photographer of the Year titles. However, the accolades are simply the by-product of a deeply personal life and photography journey. Most importantly, being out with his camera soothes Tony's soul. Walk into this talk with an open heart, and leave with the will to pursue your own unique and personal "but why".