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Everyone seems to have jumped on the AI bandwagon, generating amazing (and sometimes not-so-amazing) images from scratch. What about you? Do you feel like the AI image creation bus has passed you by? If you are curious, but you don’t quite know where to start, this is the class for you.
In this session, Brisbane-based Performing Arts photographer Kris Anderson will guide you through the basics of Generative AI. We’ll start with some of the ideas behind this truly revolutionary technology. (Look, the science of it is really, really weird, and we’d need days to properly cover how this works, so this will be short. You will not require a PhD required for this session.)
We’ll look at some of the tools that you have access to right now - what options do you have, what do they do, how do they differ. We’ll spend some time looking at a few specific generative AI tools, including Midjourney, Photoshop and Firefly, and how they fill different needs.
One of the key skills for generating AI images is prompting. In this workshop we’ll use Midjourney and learn about how prompts work, and how to use the right words to get the outcome you want.
Kris will demonstrate how to use the tools, advice on writing prompts to get a good outcome, and resources that can help you, including links and text you can try at home to get to know these tools a little better.
We’ll also look at some of the applications of Generative AI - including as an ideation tool and as a potential replacement for stock photography.
No conversation about generative AI is complete without touching on some of the legal and ethical questions that abound. Kris is going to give you lots to think about, so you can decide how you feel about incorporating generative AI in your image workflow.
Whether you include generative AI in your toolkit or not, this class will make sure you aren’t left behind when the AI bus leaves the station!

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