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Join Kelly Brown for a transformative workshop focused on mastering the newborn posing workflow and editing techniques. This immersive session provides a unique opportunity to tap into Kelly’s extensive knowledge and expertise to elevate your skills and gain valuable insights.

During this class, Kelly will guide you through the intricacies of achieving a seamless workflow. Through live demonstrations with a newborn model, you’ll witness firsthand the key techniques and principles that create a safe and smooth transition from one pose to another. Additionally, you'll learn essential editing skills to enhance your images and create polished, professional-quality photographs.

Class breakdown:

Comprehensive Posing Workflow: Kelly will demonstrate a step-by-step workflow that ensures a smooth and efficient photoshoot, all while keeping the baby safe and comfortable.
Artistic Variety in Client Galleries: Learn how to achieve a variety of images from each setup to deliver a diverse gallery that wows your clients.
Soothing and Settling Methods: Kelly will also share different soothing techniques to settle babies and encourage sleep.
Editing for Perfection: Discover editing techniques to refine your photos, including colour correction, retouching, and enhancing details to achieve a flawless final product.
Enhancing Parent Experience: Gain tips on effective communication to ensure parents feel involved and at ease throughout the experience.

This workshop is perfect for both new and experienced newborn photographers looking to refine their posing and editing skills and improve their session workflow. No matter where you are in your journey, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of newborn posing and the tools to capture and perfect a variety of beautiful photos.

Location TBC.

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