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Join Kelly Brown for a Creative Storytelling Demonstration: From Concept to Creation. This class will take you on a comprehensive journey through the art of portrait photography.

The journey begins with coming up with a concept, which is essential for creating a storytelling piece that resonates deeply with the subject. Kelly will guide you through the process of communicating with your clients to understand their stories, desires, and emotions. This crucial step helps in forming a concept that is both authentic and meaningful.

Finding inspiration is another key aspect of the creative process. Kelly will share techniques for drawing inspiration from various sources, including personal experiences, nature, art, and the unique characteristics of each subject. This part of the class aims to ignite your creativity and help you see potential stories in every moment.

Bringing ideas together involves meticulous planning and execution. Kelly will demonstrate how to blend elements such as lighting, composition, and props to enhance the narrative. You will learn how to create scenes that not only capture beauty, but also tell a story that is rich with emotion and significance.

In addition to the artistic elements, the class will cover important aspects of safety and composition, ensuring that each photoshoot is conducted with the utmost care and professionalism.

Don't miss this chance to witness Kelly’s expertise in action and elevate your portrait photography skills. Through this transformative learning experience, you will be equipped to create powerful and meaningful storytelling pieces that truly capture the essence of your subjects.

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