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Witness the Magic of Nature Come to Life - LIVE SHOOT with Chris Helliwell's Live Wildlife Photography Demonstration Get ready to be inspired as Chris Helliwell, a celebrated wildlife and macro photographer from New Zealand, takes the stage at the New Zealand Photography Show. With over 13 years of experience capturing stunning images of New Zealand wildlife and macro subjects, Chris is a two-time New Zealand Nature Photographer of the Year. During his session, Chris will not only inspire you with his stunning wildlife and macro images, but he will also take things to the next level with a live wildlife photography demonstration. Using his expertise and carefully crafted techniques, Chris will showcase the beauty and detail of New Zealand's wildlife, capturing birds in flight and their young being fed, and bringing to life the often-overlooked details of the natural world with his macro images. But that's not all. During his session, Chris will do a LIVE WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY DEMO, bringing the magic of nature to life right before your eyes. Using macro lenses and carefully crafted lighting techniques, Chris will capture the beauty and intricacy of his live wildlife subjects in stunning detail. You'll get to see firsthand how he sets up his shots, chooses his camera settings, and works with his subjects to get the perfect shot all on the big screen and stage. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to experience the magic of macro photography and wildlife in action with Chris Helliwell. Learn how it’s done from one of the best in the genre and take your photography skills to the next level.