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In this engaging Masterclass Belinda will unlock the secrets behind creating artful imagery of our furry friends while maximizing client sales through expert posing techniques. The first half of the class will entail a live shooting demonstration in which participants will delve into Belinda’s go-to poses, learning how to capture the essence of each pet's personality to create extraordinary works of art that convert to sales every time. Forget the hassle of chasing tail or coaxing a head tilt of your models—Belinda's got you covered with her tried-and-true posing guide. Learn how to orchestrate each pose flawlessly, ensuring that every click of the shutter translates into delighted clients and money in your pocket. We will cover what equipment Belinda prefers to use and why, lighting techniques for different backgrounds and fur colours, working safely in the studio and training techniques to get the best out of your subjects. The second half of this Masterclass will guide attendees through transforming their pet portraits into captivating wall art arrangements and storyboards that practically sell themselves. Learn how to curate collections that tell a compelling narrative, drawing clients not only to individual images but also inspiring them to invest in larger, cohesive pieces for their homes. With Belinda's expert guidance, discover the secrets to creating gallery-worthy displays that showcase your pet photography as stunning works of art. Clients will be eager to adorn their walls with their own personalised artwork that celebrate the boundless joy and love shared between them and their furry companions. Whether you're a seasoned pet photographer looking to up your game or just starting out in the studio, "Posing Pets for Profit" is the ultimate masterclass to help build your confidence in the studio and increase your average spend per client. Join Belinda to learn how to turn your clients’ best friends into works of art that excite, delight and convert. Prior Knowledge: Have a solid understanding of your camera’s functions and how to use it on manual mode will be beneficial but not necessary.

BYO: Camera in case there is an opportunity to shoot during the demonstration, a water bottle and a packed lunch.

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