This page is for booking your conference sessions –  only conference ticket-holders have access to it. Please do not share the link as we release booking in priority order of purchase.


Some things you need to know about this schedule:

  1. If there is no RSVP button, you do not need to book in to attend. eg. Kelly Brown’s keynote presentation is open to all conference attendees.
  2. Events listed in BLACK are masterclasses. All except one run on Sunday 4th August. You do need to pay the listed price on the event to attend. Larryn Rae and Paul Wilson’s nightscape photography workshop is on Friday night, because Sunday is the Gala Dinner.
  3. This schedule is best VIEWED ON A DESKTOP. If viewed on your phone, you need to scroll to the right to see the schedule items. 
  4. All the venues listed in the schedule are within the Majestic on Durham’s venue. Tony Stewart, our event MC will make sure everyone knows where to go for each class so be sure to attend the opening events to get this information.
  5. If a session fills up, we’ll attempt to rerun it, on condition that the speaker is available and willing to do so.
  6. The website will have a duplicate of this schedule displayed, minus the RSVP buttons. Always come back to this link to RSVP for an event that is included in your conference ticket.
  7. Once you have booked your sessions you’ll receive an email notification. You can follow the links in the emails to cancel an RSVP, and you can rebook another session if space is available.

Friday 2nd August 2024 - Work/Shop 2024 ticket-holders

Saturday 3rd August 2024 - Work/Shop 2024 ticket-holders

Sunday 4th August 2024 - MASTERCLASSES